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Social media platforms continue to gain popularity, and they are extremely effective for marketing. With social media, you can connect with current and potential customers. It also allows you to develop relationships that encourage them to purchase your products and services.

When it comes to social media marketing, most people want to know how much it costs. The answer? It depends on several factors: the experience of the employees at the agency you hire, the plan you choose, the number of social networks you use to market your business, and more.

We offer social media marketing plans for top social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Map/My Business.

Our plans are a fraction of what it would cost to hire a dedicated social media manager, and you’ll get a fully maintained campaign.

Our experienced and informed staff will help you not only build an effective online presence, but also ensure that it is monitored and updated in a timely manner.

Pricing Table

We offer numerous social media plans to help customize your strategy and make the most of your budget.

Famous Last Words!

Signing up for an account on a social media platform is free — anyone can create a business Facebook page or a Twitter account. However, social media management can be very time-consuming.

It may also be difficult to find someone on staff who has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly manage your social media accounts. If not executed correctly, a social media campaign can be very costly to your brand.

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