Turning every email into a valuable opportunity


What is Email Branding?
Email branding transforms your plain text emails from being just a form of communication into an interactive marketing productivity tool. It enhances interactive integration, real-time analytics, providing opportunities for businesses that value 1-to-1 customized marketing communications.

By inserting interactive sales and marketing banners in every outbound email you turn your everyday business email into your most trusted marketing campaign channel.

Why Email Branding?
You have to ask yourself the question: “Why not?” Email branding allows you to:

  1. Drive more traffic to your website, blog or social media
  2. Attract more sales on product or service
  3. Perform dynamic, interactive marketing
  4. Drive press releases, news and dynamic content
  5. Grow your social networks
  6. Grow your newsletter database
  7. Generate business leads
  8. Analytics and Reporting
  9. Share your successes
  10. Find out what customers think of you

Email can no longer just be an email, it needs to become one of the most powerful marketing tools for business growth and communication.