About Us

The difficult done daily, the impossible by appointment only



Precise & Impartial Approach
A dynamic team lead by the desire to effectively perform, in the shortest time possible, with satisfying quality results. We are properly equipped in providing the Corporate, Commercial & Educational Industry with top quality products, service and advice.


Focusing on Quality and Detail
We make every considerable effort in producing work without error. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, backed by technology and quality control systems, to meet your every requirement accurately and promptly.


Directly to You
We know how to use IT to your advantage. Our aim has always been, to this day and forward, to stay on top of our game. Constantly advancing and learning, never behind, but bringing it directly to you.



Customers (past & present):
The Turner Group and Companies | Pannar Seed | SASREG | Amanzi Health now Key Health | Bike Talk | Red Cross | Container SA | Gauche Air | Durban Collegians | Nile Babies | KZN Wildlife | ConlogRCOG U.K. | Biogas SA | Think BikeMotorcycle Safety Institute of SA