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The solution to every problem is simple; it’s the distance between the two where we come in.

Corporate Image

A mental picture that springs up at the mention of an organisation’s name. It is a composite psychological impression that continually changes with the organisation’s circumstances, media coverage, performance, pronouncements, etc.

Similar to an organisation’s reputation or goodwill, it is the public perception of the organisation rather than a reflection of its actual state or position.

Unlike corporate identity, it is fluid and can change overnight from positive to negative to neutral.

Large organisations use various corporate marketing techniques to enhance their image in order to improve their desirability as a supplier, employer, customer, or service provider.

This is where we come in!

About your host

Hein has been proactively involved in the field of information and media technology solutions since 1998 – extremely effective any time of the day.

“Every effort is made to know the clients I serve, understanding their needs and market requirements, providing them with the best service humanly possible.”

He is a certified Google Specialist, a highly experienced WordPress Web Developer, and a Corporate Image Expert.

He is also a freelance photographer for ShutterXposures, which really adds value to our Scope of Services.

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Hein Jonker Media House


Web Design

Domain Registration
Website Hosting & Email
WordPress Development
Website Design
SEO Integration
Analytics & Reporting

Digital Marketing

Google Ads
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Marketing
Reporting & Analysis
Competitor Research

Ad Campaigns

Campaign Setup
Campaign Management
Google Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Analytics & Reporting

Social Media

Profile Design
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
YouTube and Vimeo
Content Creation
Analytics & Reporting

Camera Media

Video Editing
Audio Editing
Photo Editing

Design & Print

Creative Design
Document Conversions
Large Format Printing
Digital & Litho Printing
Repro & Pre-Press
Print Management


Electronic Media

Email Media & Branding
Document Conversions
Flash Disk Duplication
Flash Disk Branding
CD Duplication & Print
Digital Flip Books


Copy Writing
Copy Editing
Content Writing
Spelling & Grammar

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

With the latest technology at our disposal, the knowledge to back it up and the ability to use it effectively, focusing on your needs is easy.


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Why we are different

Several factors set us apart from the competition. Below are only a few things we believe make us different and uniquely place us in a position to help our clients grow.

You will not find a better client experience than with us, but don’t take our word for it. We measure client satisfaction on a daily basis, and clients across the board continuously rate us as above expectation.


  • Consistently better client service
  • We understand dynamic organisations like yours
  • A clear understanding of your businesses and industry
  • Exceptional people committed to making a difference
  • A highly effective team


With our technology partners, their solid foundations in support, our knowledge and experience to use it effectively, makes focusing on your needs is easy.


Precise & Impartial Approach

A dynamic team lead by the desire to effectively perform, in the shortest time possible, with satisfying quality results. We are properly equipped in providing the Corporate, Commercial & Educational Industry with top quality products, service and advice.

Focusing on Quality and Detail

We make every considerable effort in producing work without error. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, backed by technology and quality control systems, to meet your every requirement accurately and promptly.

Directly to You

We know how to use IT to your advantage. Our aim has always been, to this day and forward, to stay on top of our game. Constantly advancing and learning, never behind, but bringing it directly to you.


Our management solutions are specialised areas of business administration on the development, planning, and functioning of brand building. Through our tailored solutions we build a bridge between the concept and application aspects of media and communication. We focus on media technology, strategy and measurement.




The difficult done daily, the impossible by appointment only.

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